President’s Message

President’s Message


Dear Members,

At PPK Malaysia, we are proud to have accomplished more than 30 years of representing shopping malls in Malaysia and in this relatively short time, played a central role in the very successful journey of Malaysia’s shopping mall industry.

Throughout this journey, more and more malls have come on stream and we are now recognized as one of the region’s key shopping destinations, with malls on par with, if not better than anywhere globally. With each new mall, we see more innovation and also adaptation to a fast changing shopping environment, most of which are driven by lifestyle changes. As Malaysians become more affluent and travel more, it is inevitable that tastes will change, experiences widen and sophistication increases and the way in which we shop will also change. It is heartening to note that our malls are abreast of all these.

Looking forward, we foresee a challenging time ahead as we continue to work towards improving the merchandise mix and other attractions in our malls in order to attract yet more shoppers and cultivate a loyal clientele. There is definitely no lack of interest in shopping malls amongst developers as retail continues to be an integral component in mixed developments and there are valuable synergies which may be harnessed to best effect. However, we would like to add a word of caution for any organisation that wishes to build new malls, ie to be extra diligent in their market study.  The macro economic headwind that we are currently facing dictates that we need to be particularly more careful in any of our new undertakings.

One of PPKM’s primary roles is to enhance professional skills in shopping mall management and we have continued to achieve this by regularly conducting  and organising seminars, conferences and overseas study tours. Our core education programme, Certification Courses in Shopping Mall Management, initiated by us since 2002,  is strongly supported by hands-on industry practitioners who willingly impart their invaluable skills, knowledge and experience. Safety and Security Training programmes have also been conducted annually since 2005 and to date, several thousands of personnel working in shopping malls have all been trained in various aspects of mall management.

While we acknowledge that most of the mall activities will be centred in the more urbanized areas in Malaysia, PPKM will do its utmost to reach out, to share and update all members of any ground-breaking news, irrespective of where you are.  It is our fervent hope that, with our revamped website, we will be able to bridge the divide with technology aka, digitally!

As with any other organisation, the continual development and strength of our association lies in our membership and the leadership of the Executive Committee. We are very appreciative of all members’ ongoing support and look forward to your continued participation at our events and close collaboration on common issues impacting the shopping industry.

Warmest regards,