Members’ Benefits

Members’ Benefits

PPK Malaysia memberships offers its members four key benefits:

PPK Malaysia membership allows the opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals and exchange best practices and encourage knowledge transfer.

Membership allows access to historical and current trade data, which is often adopted to set new industry benchmarks and standards.

PPK Malaysia has forged a close working relationship and alliance with numerous public and private sector agencies, professional bodies and affiliated industries including in the international arena. PPK Malaysia sits on a number of working committees in which it provides industry updates and data. These committees include the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, ministry of Tourism and Culture and Ministry of Information to name but a few.

Education & Training
PPK Malaysia members are entitled to join fellow members on national, regional and international study trips to other shopping malls and high rise buildings. These trips allow members to broaden their horizons and exchange best practices with fellow industry professionals. Knowledge transfer is at the heart of PPK Malaysia’s philosophy. The association hosts discussions, forums, seminars and conferences for its members.