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PPK Malaysia is pleased to announce that in line with our MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS 2017 to encourage new recruitment of corporate and individual members etc., the next promotion campaign will be as follows:


  • Campaign 3: 1 November to 31 December 2017


During the above promotion campaigns, the following will be applicable:



Category of Membership Entrance Fee (RM) Promotion Entrance Fee (RM) Annual
Subscription (RM)
Promotion Annual
Subscription (RM)
(NO changes)
TOTAL PAYABLE under Membership
Promotion Campaign (RM)
Ordinary Members
Corporate 5,300.00 3,180.00 2,120.00 2,120.00 5,300.00
Individual 1,060.00 530.00 212.00 212.00 742.00
Associate Member 106.00 84.80 84.80 84.80 169.60
Affiliate Member:
Corporate 1,060.00 848.00 1,060.00 1,060.00 1,908.00
Individual 318.00 212.00 212.00 212.00 424.00



There will also be a SPECIAL Promotion for corporate memberships as follows:

  • existing corporate members who currently have more than one (1) membership may include additional shopping centres/buildings as new members by only paying an entrance fee of RM2,650.00 plus the Annual Subscription Fee of RM2,120.00 (total payment: RM4,770.00 inclusive of GST).



In addition, a SPECIAL Promotion for individual membership will be as follows:

  • personnel who are currently employed by existing corporate members of the Association can now join as individual members and have the entrance fee WAIVED. Just pay the Annual Subscription Fee of RM212.00 (total payment: RM212.00 inclusive of GST) !



ALL current members are encouraged to inform their colleagues and/or associates of the above promotion campaigns as PPK Malaysia will offer to individuals (only) who are recommending the new applicant, an incentive payment amounting to 10% of the entrance fee paid, subject to approval of the membership application.


Please be reminded that personnel who wish to undertake the full programme of our Certification Courses in Shopping Mall Management comprising Parts 1, 2 and 3 and become CERTIFIED MANAGERS upon qualification are required to become and remain current Individual Members.


Interested personnel are requested to submit their application forms together with a *crossed cheque payable to “PERSATUAN PENGURUSAN KOMPLEKS MALAYSIA (PPK) ” to reach us on or before 5.00 p.m. on the last day of the abovementioned periods and/or call our Secretariat at Tel: 03-7727 6202 for further information. Please take note that the above fees and subscriptions are all inclusive of 6% GST.


For more information, please click HERE to download the circular and membership application form.