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Greetings to all participants ! Thank you for your support and attendance at our recent ENGINEERING SHOPPING MALLS IV seminar and you may now download the speakers’ presentations as below link:

01 TJK – The Current Shopping Mall Scenario

02 ALVIN YAP Internet of Things

03 TAN CHIOO BIN The Challenge of Perfect ACMV Systems for Tenants & Landlords

04 LOO CHEE KIN Flood Abatement for Buildings

05 YL LUM Despicable Me – Operational & Engineering Considerations for Stratified Shopping Malls

06 RAGHIB AZMI – Make Your Lifts & Escalators Young Again

07 PAMY WONG M&E Requirements in Fit Out Designs

08 DING JU LIANG How Does BIM Benefit Shopping Mall Stakeholders

We look forward to meet you again soon during our upcoming events so do check out our website from time to time. Wishing you warm Seasons Greetings and a great start to Year 2020 !