PPK Malaysia offers 4 types of association membership:


A membership for companies / management corporations or joint management bodies who own and / or manage shopping malls. The corporate member may have one appointed representative plus one alternative representative who may be changed at any time

A membership for personnel working in shopping malls who may or may not be corporate members. This membership is retained by the individual should they change employer.

A membership for personnel working in shopping malls who are office level management and below.

(a) Affiliate Corporate – for companies who are in industries servicing or linked to shopping mall operations (e.g. car park, air con servicing, event management, suppliers etc..)

(b) Affiliate Individuals  –  for personnel working in the affiliate corporate companies


PPK Malaysia members are entitled to join fellow members on national, regional and international study trips to other shopping malls and high rise buildings. These trips allow members to broaden their horizons and exchange best practices with fellow industry professionals.


Membership Fee Structure

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Our associates are the key to our success. That’s why we take a very thoughtful, collaborative approach when making important hiring decisions.

Every application for admission as a provisional, ordinary, international or an associate member shall be made via online registration or printable application form below.

Please download Membership Application form & email to us at