SHOP AND BE REWARDED CAMPAIGN 2.0 – Terms and Conditions

Shop and Be Rewarded Campaign 2.0 – Terms and Conditions

All Malaysian citizens will each be entitled to redeem an e-cash voucher worth RM30.00 only at the participating shops of the selected shopping malls, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Vouchers may only be redeemed from 9am on 20 August until 12 midnight on 4 September 2022.
  1. Malaysian citizens aged 18 years and above will only be eligible to download the e-voucher.
  1. Each shopper will be permitted only one (1) voucher per NRIC to the maximum value of RM30.00 during the entire campaign.
  1. To redeem the e-cash vouchers, shoppers must register their full name (as per their NRIC), their NRIC no. and their mobile no. Once done, a One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile no. for verification purposes.
  1. By registering and redeeming the e-cash vouchers, shoppers are agreeable to the terms and conditions stated herein and to be contacted by shopping malls for any related marketing programmes.
  1. The e-cash vouchers can only be redeemed by shoppers with a minimum purchase of RM100.00 in a single receipt eg.
  • Purchase receipt RM100.00 = redeem one (1) RM30.00 cash voucher
  • Purchase receipt of >RM100.00 = also redeem one (1) RM30.00 cash voucher only
  1. Only one (1) RM30.00 e-cash voucher may be redeemed per transaction and combined receipts are not acceptable.
  1. The e-cash vouchers must be redeemed as at point of purchase and utilized immediately and availability is on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to the maximum of the total amount of e-cash vouchers available for each mall.
  1. The e-cash vouchers cannot be exchangeable for cash and/or any amount not utilised cannot be refunded (if applicable).
  1. Redemption of this e-cash voucher redemption promotion will only be valid based on the above terms and conditions and cannot be used in conjunction with any other ongoing promotion campaigns by third parties.